Splintercell Blacklist Presentation Package Montage from Wylie Styles on Vimeo.

I served as the Presentation Art Director on Splintercell Blacklist created by the Ubisoft Toronto studio. I started the project by creating styleframes to establish a core design tonality that would be used by the internal design team and external studios. So many people were involved in creating this project, this was my design nerd dream, mograph, real time mograph, interactive mograph…my mind is still blown. Im very lucky that Ubisoft allowed us to take this vision to this insane extent, by the end of the project we created about 40+mins of mograph and I have no idea how you would calculate time from all of the animated interactive elements. We partnered with Prologue films in some of the earlier stages of the project, which is mindblowing for me because I have always been a fan Kyle Cooper and a student of the studios work. We then continued to develop the design and animation internally, extending and building on the design language. We then partnered with the newly established Wolf and Crow (well they arent new anymore) to work on most of our runtime cinematics. Hopefully sometime sooner than later I will be able to find a way to share all of this amazing content and the insane gauntlet of a process it took to realize the Splintercell Blacklist design package.
If your into games my suggestion would be of course to pick up a copy ;) theres lots of great gameplay and loads of interesting design
For those that are not familiar with the video game dev definition of what “Presentation” is. this is a brief breakdown for Blacklist
• Front End Package i.e. Main menu, Character Customization…
• All in game motiongraphics
• Title sequence
• In game HUD elements
• Projected Typography Elements

Animation Icon Pack from Miguel Angel D’Errico on Vimeo.

Just for fun and to test the effect of the long shadows in motion.

Illustration: Tsveta Petrova “Flat Hipster Icons Design Pack (Free)”

Animation text with Amortype free preset

Music: Jackson F. Smith. “Cantina Rag”